Updated on Mar 31, 2013
black photoreal print chictopia shop dress
Black-photoreal-print-chictopia-shop-dress Black-photoreal-print-chictopia-shop-dress Black-photoreal-print-chictopia-shop-dress Black-photoreal-print-chictopia-shop-dress
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Annebeth 's Thoughts:

I’ve been a fan of wicked photoreal print items since forever really, but apart from my atom bomb top I never acquired any photorealistic printed items. This gorgeous baboon dress was a welcome addition to my wardrobe! I don’t just love the print, I also love the fit and how comfortable the fabric is, WINNER.

The baboon dress was a gift from Chictopia, who offered to let me pick out some stuff from their Chictopia shop in return for a review. I used to be a very frequent Chictopia blogger a few years ago before really kickstarting my own independent blog into action. Chictopia was basically a social networking site for fashionbloggers back then, but it has come a long way since. I especially like their shop: it allows you to search for a certain garment in the style gallery (offering you inspiration on how to wear certain items) and immediately click through to the shop where you can buy similar items from a wide range of international sellers. COOL, right? The Chictopia shop has sellers ranging from vintage to indie designers to regular high street brands, so anyone is bound to find something to their liking.

My personal experience with shopping at Chictopia has been 50/50 by now. This baboon dress arrived right on time, with great shipping info from the seller. The second item I ordered however hasn’t arrived yet, while I paid for it over a month ago. After messaging the seller ( btw) about where my item was, they told me the item had gone out of stock. The seller had since ordered a new batch, but it would take more time for the item to reach me. When I demanded a faster shipping option (paid by them, of course) they did comply straight away. They also offered to refund the money, but I opted to wait a bit longer. Oh well, I’ll let you know when the garment arrives? I guess one can suspect stories like these when ordering from Chinese stores such as Sheinside, but I’ve had nothing but rather good experiences before so I was still taken aback by it a bit.

I hope your Easter was lovely! I think Easter is a pretty random holiday, what with Jesus and bunnies and chocolate eggs and all, but it comes with a Monday home from work so I ain’t complainin’.

Comments (8)

cherichictopia on April 06
Thanks so much for being so honest in your review. That's exactly what we need!
Annebeth on April 08
you're welcome! I always think that positive reviews mean nothing if you deny the negatives. When I'm being positive, it's 100% real!
LapinNoir on April 01
awesome dress & coat!! hope you get your item soon! :D
kennyperry on April 01
Danac on April 01
Kadri on April 01
fabulous coat
CrissCosmina on April 01
Stilettoe_Diva on April 01
You're lucky to at least have an option for your order from a Chinese Store. I guess we'll just have to wait to see what you've ordered =) Btw, I love your yeti-looking coat =)
Annebeth on April 01
I wouldn't say I'm lucky, I've worked pretty hard for my blog to get recognition in this form, and I think I definitely owe it to my readers to be honest in my review: I didn't see it as complaining.
ProggaRashid on March 31
awesome fur!
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