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Updated on Jan 14, 2009
yard sale dress - old belt - thrifted tights - DIY tights - thrifted shoes - thr
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queenelizabeth 's Thoughts:

I think my goal from now on is to dress more sinister once in a while. I wasn’t quite sure about this outfit when I put it on, but then I realized in the middle of the day – does this ever happen to you – that the overall look was a lot darker than I had originally planned. Then I felt sort of silly for wearing my white oxfords. What I really need is a pair of spiky, dangerous-looking black shoes. Or a long, scraggly dress that covers my feet so I can just skip that issue.

Speaking of which (I never know how to move from one paragraph to the next), Morticia Addams is basically my role model for this sort of dressing. I’m not referring to the TV version (which I’ve never seen and wouldn’t even recognize), but the (highly superior) cartoon version drawn by Charles Addams in the 1950’s. I actually take a lot of inspiration from this sort of dark, morbid drawings, especially Edward Gorey. All of his cartoons and stories have a really old-fashioned look and macabre, even disturbing subjects like orphaned children and people flinging themselves off castle towers. The clothes, of course, are dark and beautiful and sort of ghostly, which I really want to incorporate a little of into my wardrobe.

One final note – the illustrations in children’s books like Coraline and A Series of Unfortunate Events are also amazingly dark and creepy. I remember in 6th grade, when I read all the books in the series, I was obsessed with Esme Squalor (the evil, fabulous “fashionable” person) and, in particular, a pair of diabolical lace-up stiletto heels she wore that had actual stiletto knives in place of a heel. There was an amazing illustration of them in one of the books, but I can’t find it. Although I distinctly remember doodling my own version of them all over my notebooks… yeah, I was a pretty weird kid.

Comments (29)

denisedenies on July 30
alpha754293 on July 09
Very interesting. I can picture you being a Tim Burton fan than.
plastikneon on January 26
I didn't see this post till today! One of my favorites...I love the Adams family, especially Wednesday (though Morticia was the best dressed) look great. I agree with you on the whole dressing sinister once in a while...let's motivate each other to do that more often, hm? haha (Sorry I always write way too much).
queenelizabeth on January 27
the url didn't work but i did a google search, and wow, she's so awesomely creepy looking! and hi, Alison, I'm Elizabeth (duh.) nice to meet you :)
plastikneon on January 27
"Here's Wednesday": haha, fashion teamwork. Yeah after reading comments for a while...they all start sounding similar, or commenting on just one thing. (Not that I hate comments at all!). Oh my name's Alison by the way, don't have to call me plastikneon, lolz.
queenelizabeth on January 27
is wednesday the little girl in the black dress with a white collar? (i've never seen the show, i don't know the names) yeah, she's cool too :) and yes, let's motivate each other! fashion teamwork! yay! P.S. don't worry about writing too much, I like it better when people write more... it's not like "oh jeez, plastikneon wrote a whole paragraph again..." :P
paulinabelle on January 25
amazing tights
joochu on January 20
you have great range..
societyofchic on January 20
great leggings!!! xoxo
PumpkinPies on January 19
ahh i want to know how to diy those worry is i'd ruin it, and also, can you still wash them after you've rodarte'd them? :S
queenelizabeth on January 19
the tights are pretty easy, you just cut off the bottoms and start shredding them. i haven't washed them yet though, my guess is you could hand-wash them very carefully.
societyofchic on January 17
just fab!
jetaime on January 16
amazing! ohh and I love Coraline!
letlifehappentoyou on January 16
yeah i thought about trying to make some rodarte ones maybe knitting them or something. but i'l definately try this it seems easier :) thanks.
taylorlbee on January 15
I lov the look. The shredded tights are amazing.
andbeyond on January 15
Love the oxfords. I had almost forgotten about Edward Gorey. Thanks for the reminder =] I love him!
andbeyond on January 16
The very best!
queenelizabeth on January 15
yay, another Edward Gorey fan :) isn't he great?
umbrellas on January 15
i love this, ESPECIALLY the tights! they are amazing! i just might be a copycat and DIY some of my own tights to look like this!
queenelizabeth on January 15
thank you, and definitely try the tights - they're super easy and fun to make! :)
Le_Trix on January 15
I love the DIY tights! LOVE!
vro on January 15
Great outfit, I love everything! The rings are great! I also like the darkness of the pictures somehow.
Anj on January 15
i wish i could pull off tights like those, but im still curious, did u just go nuts on ripping them or is there a certain method? loving this look!
queenelizabeth on January 15
I cut off the bottoms of the feet so there was a raw edge, and then just started pulling at the edges to unravel them- a bit like making a shredded tee, but easier, since tights shred really quickly. and thanks btw!
letlifehappentoyou on January 15
your tights are amazing. how did you do that? they look like the rodarte ones :) xxx
queenelizabeth on January 15
thank you! I just cut off the bottoms so there was a raw edge, and started shredding them and ripping holes every so often. and yeah, they are kind of similar to the rodarte ones - I actually tried to make replicas of them from an old sweater by unraveling it, but then got bored b/c it took so long :P
anggina on January 15
nice ringssss
joannaladrido on January 15
i love the lbd!!!!
mi7esng on January 15
Pink_Champagne on January 15
cute tights
lissakahayon on January 15
I love the shoes and those rings!!! and interesting source of inspiration!!!!
Martine_ on January 15
tights and rings are awesome
snugz on January 14
Great tights and shoes combo.!
BedroomEyes on January 14
i am rather fond of your ring collection and the pics u added with your outfit are intrigueing
mnavoy on January 14
mwa_mwa on January 14
Very strong. I love.
deena on January 14
Your outfit reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. Chic LBD =)
LeBee on January 14
awesome tights!!!
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